Is Midland Credit Management Legit?

Dealing with debt can make life stressful, but Midland Credit Management can help. Midland Credit Management helps you take control of your debt by giving you options that work for your financial situation, so you can start resolving your debts today. If you recently received a call from Midland Credit Management or simply want to know more about us, keep reading.

Who Is Midland Credit Management?

Midland Credit Management is a debt collection company, but MCM debt collection is only a part of who we are. At Midland Credit Management, it’s our goal to empower consumers to resolve past-due debts. We can work with you to find a suitable payment plan for your financial situation, so you can start reducing your debt and making the journey to financial freedom.

Midland Credit Management offers debt solutions and services to help consumers resolve past-due debts

A subsidiary of Encore Capital Group, Midland Credit Management has been around for more than 65 years. Midland Credit Management is legit, so you shouldn’t be worried if you receive a phone call from us.

Who Does Midland Credit Management Collect For?

There are a lot of debt collection myths and misunderstandings, which can make resolving debt complicated and confusing. At Midland Credit Management, we aim to help consumers easily regain financial freedom. With that said, you may be wondering how Midland Credit Management works and who we collect for.

If you owe a debt, the lender you owe that debt to is responsible for collecting the debt. However, some lenders might not have time to collect debts, especially if consumers are having a difficult time making on-time payments. When a lender is having trouble collecting a debt, they may choose to sell that debt to a company like Midland Credit Management. We purchase this debt and then we get in touch with the individual who owes the debt to help them get it resolved.

Midland Credit Management collects on consumer finance accounts.

As far as specific companies go, Midland Credit Management purchases debt from a wide range of lenders. At MCM, we collect on consumer finance accounts, such as credit cards, secured and unsecured loans, lease-to-own financing, and other consumer accounts. If you received a call from Midland Credit Management, you can always give us a call back to learn more about the benefits of resolving your debt and make sure the call you received was legit.

How Can Midland Credit Management Help Me Resolve Debt?

It’s no secret that resolving debt can be difficult, especially if interest is continuing to stack up. The good news is that Midland Credit Management can help you find a way to resolve your debt that works for your budget.

When you get a call from Midland Credit Management, you can ask about flexible payment plans or make a one-time payment. You can also view some of your payment options by looking up your account on our website, and you can set up your payment plan or make a payment in minutes. Our goal is to help you find a comfortable monthly payment that allows you to resolve your debt without being unable to pay the bills or afford groceries.

Midland Credit Management can help you resolve debt

If you have a debt to resolve with Midland Credit Management, you should create a budget and figure out how much you can afford to pay. The sooner you get a payment plan set up, the sooner you can resolve your debt.

What Is Midland Credit Management’s Credit Reporting Policy?

Per MCM policy, if an account is paid in full or settled in full after we begin credit reporting, we will request a deletion of our tradeline after the payment resolving the account is processed. We cannot control the timing within which the credit reporting agencies process our request, but it typically takes up to 45 days after payment for the tradeline deletion request to be processed.

If you start making payments within six months of receiving our initial notice and continue making on-time monthly payments until your debt is resolved, we won’t report to credit bureaus. This is one of many ways MCM debt collection helps you stay motivated to pay off your debt.

Midland Credit Management FAQs

Why is Midland Credit Management calling me?

If you’re getting calls from Midland Credit Management, that means one of your debts has been sold to MCM. You should start by picking up the phone to learn more about the debt we’re inquiring about. Alternatively, you can use your MCM account number and the last four digits of your SSN to look up your account on our website. Your MCM account number can be found on any notices you may have received in the mail.

Is Midland Credit Management a scam?

Although it may seem strange that you’re receiving phone calls and mail attempting to collect a debt, Midland Credit Management is legit. The debt we collect is purchased from lenders you’ve worked with and failed to repay in the past. As a leading debt collection company, we can work with you to develop a flexible payment plan that fits your financial situation.

What are my rights when working with Midland Credit Management?

Midland Credit Management has a Consumer Bill of Rights that we use to outline consumer policies. This Consumer Bill of Rights includes sections on consumer treatment, hardship, complaints and disputes, collection practices, and privacy and security. If you have questions about a specific policy or section, check out our Consumer Bill of Rights to learn more.

Where is Midland Credit Management located?

Midland Credit Management headquarters are located in San Diego, CA, but there are 7 MCM locations spanning 3 countries. As we continue to grow and expand, we’re always looking to serve more consumers and provide better services and more flexible payment plans.

Wrapping Up: Is Midland Credit Management Legit?

Living with debt isn’t easy, but you don’t have to let your debt control your life. Midland Credit Management can help you resolve past-due accounts with flexible payment plans and a commitment to empowering consumers. We want to help you resolve your debt, and we’re always a quick phone call away if you have any questions. If you recently received a call from Midland Credit Management, we’re here to help. Give us a call or use your MCM account number and SSN to look up your account on our website today.

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